The New Standard for the Old Classic

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We are bringing to you a bang up to date setting that this food staple deserves, and when we mean setting we don’t just mean our beautiful cafe.

Have it where you want and when you want.

Hot, fresh, naughty food

-done differently

-done better

made with you in mind

If you’re tired of limited breakfast choices on your delivery app then worry no more. The king of Breakfast has arrived. We are fantastically fast and our food is gloriously moorish. Freshness, flavour and breakfast goodness in the palm of your hand. The greasy spoon cafe is no more. Make way for a new King. Andy has officially arrived.

Eat in, take out, order in advance and click and collect, delivery service from our chosen delivery partner will be rolling out very soon. Multiple ways to gets your hands on our triple bacon on brioche. You want your Sausage and Egg Bagel in a hurry - No problem. Order before you leave your home or work and it will be done on arrival.

Toasted Bagel with Butter
Poached Egg
BBQ Sausages

Maybe you can’t manage all that in one sitting. Maybe you can. If not, let’s break that down for you. Pick any 3 and just simply walk away with it in a freshly toasted brioche bun or a toasted bagel, or just plain toast. English muffin -easily done. It’s yours, own it, build it. Let’s work together and create exactly what you want. Add cheese. Add a poached egg on top of a fried egg on top of sausage or two. We stop when you tell us.

A Snow Covered Mountain Under the White Sky

And while that egg is being eggspertly cooked, why not treat yourself to a freshly made flat white or a latte. Ask for a London Fog - we have all of that in our locker.

You done yet. Hungry for more. So are we. Breakfast is in the title, it’s in our DNA. Let Andy take you on a culinary ride that will spoil you for choice. We bake our own pastries in store, hourly, just for you. Hot fresh croissants. Cinnamon swirls. Pain au Chocolaté. Vegan croissants. Dunk them in our velvety hot chocolate if you so wish.

Pastries not for you - do not fret. We have a counter full of seasonal cakes, Nutella muffins, doughnuts, a variety of in-store baked pastel de Natas, rocky roads, gluten free options, nut free options, vegan options, all we have is options.

A Snow Covered Mountain Under the White Sky

And for our final act - sandwiches. Eat your breakfast, grab your lunch. Hand crafted in store daily. The finest ingredients, the deepest of fills. Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels. Ham hock and piccalilli. All day breakfast barms just in case you didn’t get enough in the morning or you just need an extra hit. Triple cheese and onion. The list goes on.

Love egg plant,


We spoil you because we can and we love you.

Welcome to Andys. We’ll look forward to seeing you today/ALLDAY/everyday.


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